Den Haag today, tomorrow where?

By David Zetland

We are well along the way with our “engagement” in Den Haag/The Hague. In this pilot project, we have been running a survey (in 5 languages!) to ask residents of their OPINIONS of water quality, touring the impressive production facilities of Dunea, the regional water supplier, and talking with Dunea about ways to better engage with citizens, to make it easier to understand how they are getting excellent water at an affordable price (€1.10/m3!)

The CWP has a “hub and spoke” model in which we at “headquarters” in The Hague engage with local citizen groups in a distant city. Those groups will be responsible for collecting information that we can distribute via the CWP website and various social media outlets. In our local pilot, we played both roles to understand a little more of how local dynamics might work. The experience has been quite educational 🙂

We will be posting more on the site about our survey results, ongoing conversations with Dunea, etc., but we’re already looking for partners who can help us on our next city, starting from January 2017.

If you — or someone you know — has an interesting city in mind, then please get in touch. (You can also leave questions or comments here, as we’re happy to discuss all aspects of the project with anyone who’s interested!)