New campaign in Flint

The age-old question is: if there is a way to clean your water in the woods, but nobody knows that it is there, does it exist? This seems to be a very fitting question that both the water utilities and residents of Flint, Michigan are struggling with. Since the Flint water crisis of 2014 occurred media coverage of the issue has substantially fallen. Sadly, the danger of drinking tap water hasn’t, but it is on its way. What has changed is that the city has been great in offering bottled water, water filters, information on how to use them, change them, and even how to test your own water. Thing is, many residents of Flint haven’t been able to use these resources information.

This failure to connect shows that the water utilities of the world must establish a sustainable link between their citizens and themselves. To address this we are glad to announce that the City Water Project will be starting a campaign in Flint. We are excited to work together with people from the ‘vehicle city’ known for its resilience. To find out more visit our website and if you are a resident of Flint please help us by filling out our survey here.