The Team

The City Water Project started in August 2015 as an idea for a competition within Leiden University (“how to use social media to measure progress?”). After that student presentation won honourable mention, we decided to implement the idea via this website.

The current City Water Project Team:

David Zetland [email] is the head of our team. He is an assistant professor at Leiden University College, where he teaches various classes on economics. He received his PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from UC Davis in 2008. He blogs on water, economics and politics at, has two books (The End of Abundance: economic solutions to water scarcity and Living with Water Scarcity), and communicates often with public, professional and academic audiences.

Ailish Lalor [email] is a first year student at Leiden University College. Born in Australia, she has lived the majority of her life in Kilkenny, Ireland. She speaks fluent Irish and passable German and French. She is majoring in Human Diversity, and is particularly interested in how people’s backgrounds influence their perceptions, in this case with regard to water quality.

Lucas Barinaga [email] was born in Miami and coming from a mixed family he feels comfortable in English, Spanish, Dutch, and French. Realizing the interconnectedness of contemporary problems, he views the water-issue a blueprint of the future issues that must be solved on an international basis. Probing at solutions is therefore interesting to him.

Paula Echeverría Suárez [email] is currently majoring in ‘Earth, Energy and Sustainability’ at Leiden University College.  She is very passionate about Life Sciences, especially Biology. Paula is part of the City Water Project because she truly believes that clean water must be a universal resource available to everybody.

Past members: Stefania Albarosa, Kim de Bie, Kristy Charlton, Felipe van de Kerkhof, Carolina Magnet, Raghav Nath and Dieneke de Weerd