Current City (The Hague)

The Hague – Den Haag

Situated next to the North Sea, The Hague is the political seat of the The Netherlands. It is known as the city of Peace and Justice, as it hosts many international courts and organisations. The Hague is home to around 495.000 inhabitants.

How is The Hague supplied with clean drinking water?

The Dunea Waterworks in The Hague began with water extraction in the dunes at Scheveningen around 140 years ago. A natural filtration process from the sands allows for the provision of affordable and clean water. Today, Dunea supplies water to 19 municipalities and provides 1.3 million people with drinking water that is filtered through 2,800 hectares of nearby dunes (click on image below to see steps). Since 1996, additional water has been brought to the dune’s from the Afgedamde Maas (a tributary of the Mass river that drains into the North Sea).

drinkwater dunea

How is the water quality maintained?

Dunea publishes a water quality survey of the different regions every quarter, allowing it to maintain updated records of the water quality in The Hague. Even though the river Maas has great self-cleaning capacity, there are some factors Dunea takes into extra consideration, such as regulating the water’s phosphate content. Additionally, the drinking water is stored in protected reservoirs that are operational at all hours of the day which allows for the maintenance of a reliable water supply. More information on how Dunea maintains drinking water quality in The Hague can be found on the Dunea website.